Sunday, February 19, 2012

I hate Puke and Roses

My day started at 3am yesterday, travel to DCA, plane to Boston, taxi to meeting, rental car to next meeting w/ my boss and team, dropped off at random hotel near Natick, used free hotel shuttle to get to Logan Express Bus place, rode luxury bus to Airport, hopped on plane back to DCA, landed, somehow made it to my car by 8pm and drove almost an hour home.

Home… should be followed by “sweet home” except a few minutes after receiving the cutest picture of Kid2 eating like a champ in her highchair, and another pic from dad of kid2 in the bathtub.. .I think he was just showing me he really does feed and water the kid while I’m away. Not that I’ve ever doubted him ever! Anyway- shortly after breathing that sign of parental relief.. I went back to singing loudly to myself. A few seconds after I decided I would like to have a glass of wine to wrap up this very exhausting day of meetings and public transportation… I read another text. And I quote “ just got puked on about 5 times too. piss off”. Yes, I was told to piss off.. because the baby puked on him.

So I SLOWED it down, making the decision that driving the speed limit was IMPORTANT for my safety and sanity (after learning of the puker). Additionally I decided to practice breathing deeply attempting to calm myself and avoid passing by my exit and driving to another state. (just kidding). Well, I found myself at 7-11 w/ a bottle of wine in my hand. As I walked out, I looked over to the homeless (I think) man who is always there on Sunday mornings, (it was a Thursday night) and as I walked past him, he started gagging and of course I looked down and saw a wet spot from his spitting and gagging. Oh god, I just said hello and walked to my car. Had to pull over twice on my country road because police cars were coming w/ lights on. Arrived home to open the door and smell puke.. went into bedroom to see remnants of the puke on the floor. Went to pee, and found traces of puke in the bathroom.


So I opened wine and drank!

Woke up at 4am probably because I was dreaming about someone puking… and got ready for work and have been here since before 6am.

Walked into the office this morning to TWO dozen deep, rich RED roses sitting on the desk. STUNNED and SHOCKED I quickly read the name on the card... heart pounding, excited and confused but who cares right? I think I just got freakin flowers! .. Read the outside of the card... they're for my coworker.

#hateroses and #rosesarestupid

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