Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh Shit Tractor

Thinkable Thursday (Be warned - totally random thoughts and I just created the title based on today being Thursday, ahhhhhem) So- I have a few silent moments to myself. As a mom you know, silent moments are few and far between. My mind starts thinking and of all the topics I could peacefully think about stupid shit is all i got. SO stupid and meaningless that I'm going to write them down and hopefully the next silent opportunity i have.. my brain will find something more useful to waste time on. 1 - A few seconds after i typed the word silent... i smelled something REALLY bad... one of the two 100+ pound dogs laying on my bed farted. And they haven't eaten this morning so the fart was stewing from yesterday. I may die before this posts. 2 - silent was a lie... because i live on road that leads to a "Pick a Part" salvage yard. Tow trucks, and I don't mean your typical AAA tow truck or Dshubba's wrecker tow service.. I'm talking tow trucks that haul 3 or more cars at a time while pulling one. And the one they are pulling is most likely dragging on the ground and creating a light show as the sparks fly... and the sound of metal being pulled along the road at a high rate of speed, then a sudden stop because the fucking morons drive too fast on the country road... then they take off again... understand where I'm going w/ this. I'm over it! 3 - another fart... I'm seriously fighting for non toxic air at this point. 4 - I'm going to my dr appointment today. This will be 1 of 6 and then it's the big day... but I'm not going to write about it. maybe, it depends. 5 - when I work from home I feel extremely lazy.. so lazy that I am contemplating if it would be OK to go to Dr appointment without taking a shower. (probably not) 6 - I have too many DIY projects on my list.. i need to choose a room and stop thinking about the other stuff 7 - i filed my taxes last week - so i can get my refund NOW and then I'll file again later "jointly" and do an amended return. 8 - can't decide if i want black new appliances or stainless steel. honestly i like them both.. pressure to get stainless to keep up w/ joneses but i kind of like the black better. 9 - I was JUST introduced to Monty Python by my boss... and I'm being forced to watch 2 episodes so that i understand their humor. 10 - Church - i need to find a church that i feel extremely comfortable with. And that's it!

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