Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NOT Working from Home

I was crazy to this i could get work done w/ a toddler around.. she has resorted to whispering her every move and need... from 3 inches away.

-Mommy - has been said 1,674,237,464 times so far
-I've "chosen" specific crayons over a million times
-I've actually moved them across the room thinking she would go over there, nope. back here....
-She has written ALL over my work notebook w/ a pencil

y "examples" are all over the floor, w/ a stray crayon marks all over them.
-I've taken a fake dog to pee in the kitchen over 10 times
-I've babysat a hard plastic baby doll for over 30 minutes on my lap
-She has begged me to change her diaper.. and before I realized she meant herself... she was screaming

I'm done... I think this is borderline neglect.
Wake up Genesis! Please! Your sister needs you.

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