About Jucking Fenn

About Jenn
  •  Born sometime in 1976
  • My parents (in my head) are Wonder Woman and the guy from the show Wings (Believe or not I'm walking on air, I never thought I could feel so free e e)
  • Grew up in a small coal mining town outside of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Small town is Marianna, PA but we have to say we're from Pittsburgh
  •   Met husband #1 in junior high school, I dated him until i graduated, he dated me Sunday through Thursday of most weeks (ass)
  • I love cars - 1989 Chevy Camaro RS, white, t-tops, 5 speed, 305 engine - she was my baby, and i spent no less than 4 hours each weekend w/ Bug n Tar remover on her bumper
  • If it's possible to fall in love with an object, mine was my Camaro, I was loyal, kept her clean, and talked to her ALL the time. I miss you! 
  • Gave nursing school a try at a Carlow College in Pittsburgh, PA - it's a Catholic all girls college (I'm not Catholic, I'm Brethren and I didn't get along w/ girls alot) - quickly learned I was not Nurse material
  • Married HS SW (mentioned above) and then Joined the United States Air Force, married my
  • First duty station, Beale AFB, CA. Showed up late. 
  • Had Kid#1, divorced HS SH
  •  Met Husband#2 then on to 2nd duty station the Pentagon
  • 2nd duty station - HQ USAF, Air Force Operations Center (AFOC) Pentagon. 
  • Loved city life (DC), riding the bus, walking to coffee shops and boutiques in tree lined neighborhoods of the city, Eastern Market to name a few
  • Married Husband#2 shortly after, and lost a few marbles somewhere on my drive across the country
  • September 11 happened to us. (F YOU)
  • Left the USAF 2003, to start a job as a government contractor for DARPA (google it)
  • Fell in love w/ my job and again with my daughter as a single parent
  • Hit the emotional rock bottom, therapy, scraped off my knees moved a few miles away and started over.. (a few miles does make a difference) 
  • learned a lot
  • slowed down a lot
  • We have a black dog who poops in the yard (Lab)
  • Divorced - DO NOT Count, it's NOT nice!
  • became an observer to my circumstances (wheew) 
  • Moved a few  miles away from DC...
  • Enjoying being a single mom to my very smart G (patting myself on the back) 
  • Ace still pooping in the yard
  • (Purposely leaving out some embarrassing stuff)

  • Had Kid#2
  • Bought a house even a little farther from DC (I like long work commutes)
  • by default, I’m still an observer of MY circumstances
  • I like to Blog
  • Who the hell is Jucking Fenn?
  • Its FUCKING JENN, spelled politely
  •  My name given to me by the best softball team experience ever. Never won a game, we drank before and after and sometimes during the games.. ahh the good ole days! everyone had nicknames and I asked "why am I just Fucking Jenn"? I can't put that on a shirt... so Jucking Fenn it is! 

  • In the past, I have compared my life to an NFL football game. Games are divided into four 15-minute quarters, separated by a 12-minute break at halftime. 15 minutes is about the maximum span of time I can afford a specified topic. 
  •  I have A LOT going on in my life, so I need this blog in an effort to maintain stability and organization while I find a new assistant. (That’s not true) 
  • I WILL find the funny in everything... and sometimes that means I say bad words, sometimes I don't. Either way, don't be offended, I don't do anything nor do I say anything that's worth your bitching. And  honestly, keep it to yourself or I will say something funny in return about you. 
Jucking Fenn 

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