Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quote's make me think

I read this quote:
The Will of God will not take you where the Grace of God cannot sustain you.

My questions:
Is he talking about me? Does he know me? Really know me? If so, why does he think I can handle what I think I cannot?

And why must we do this dance over and over again?

Am I not learning the important things?  The first few times?

Am I not paying attention to what’s behind the door?? Or whatever the saying is…

I would like answers to ALL the questions above ASAP.

Even with the plethora of changes the past year I’m not seeing it or getting it. I continue to make excuses for people, to gloss over the red flags and make light of the obvious bad signs.. as if I’m wearing glasses w/ duct tape lenses.

There are some darling folks in the world today and I am very blessed to have crossed paths with them.  However, there are some snakes in real people costumes who still feel the need to creep into my life.

Fence sitting is for the birds. Looking in the mirror asking myself questions as if that’s going to create answers for me is for the birds. Making excuses for people is for the birds too.

On a side note, 7 more days until this bird is having surgeryJ yeah!

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