Thursday, April 19, 2012

My girls...

It's a typical week day this morning. well, somewhat typical, I am working from home and for a change, was around when the others were getting ready.

I forgot to turn off my alarm last night, at 0400 I was woken up, peed, and was SO incredibly happy to crawl back into bed.

At 0630 I heard a sweet baby (toddler actually) yelling "ba ba"... Yes, my almost 2 year old STILL has a good morning and good night bottle. Both could totally be replaced w/o much fuss but honestly I haven't tried.

As I walked to her bedroom, I could see the light shining through under the door from the 14 year old, as she was getting ready for school. N was talking to her fish and baby doll and G was making sure her skinny jeans made her booty look good (i'm only assuming this is what she was doing)

My girls are 13 years apart! What the hell was I thinking? So much happened during the 13 years in between.

G loves her little sister.

And I love my girls SO much!

I'm unsure of why things like this happen to people, and my journey to understand God's plan is ongoing. I remain confused, very very confused.

I hope this isn't my "do-over"... because I'm right on track w/ the events that happened w/ G when she was a toddler. Except we will not move from CA to DC... The separation of families is on schedule and I'm scared to death that N will not be as resilient as G was.Maybe she will because she has Mom and G w/ her. I'm going to think of positively! God has a plan and I'm just here to learn and teach my children. God I hope I do well as a teacher for them.. I really really hope and pray they learn valuable lessons from me that they will keep in their mind and reference never! As every other mom out there... I want my girls to be treated well.

Who wouldn't treat these angels like gold?

I love you G and N.

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  1. I love it! Brought tears to my eyes! Love you all love Teresa and Johnny