Friday, May 18, 2012

Go ME! Life is better!

About 20 days ago I posted about my crazy ass timing, losing my mind, balls, and probably should’ve posted my pleas for a normal day.

It’s amazing what a little prayer, hopeful pleading, a few good people, and two wonderful girls can do for a borderline insane, soon to be single mom, wine lover on school nights, kind of person like me.

The original list is below – updates as well because I’m THAT lazy today.

I DO tend to schedule various life crises at the same time.
  • Separation/divorce – Done-separated, back to single mommy hood
  • Switching companies (same job, different person writing check) – Done – 2nd day w/ new company
  • Signing Bonus/leaving a company after 9.5years – Anxiously awaiting May 25th and June 8th for a lot of extra zero’s in my account.
  • Negotiating leave balances – Done
  • Ensuring medical coverage for my surgery in Aug – Done, however I’ll still worry about this until they send the verification and get the word back.
  • Custody/visitation – Rotating schedule has been created and written down on a calendar
  • A teenager whose life DOES and SHOULD go on as normal – Going on as normal, however, when the baby is w/ her dad, the teen and I are having some pretty awesome evenings together! I love that girl to death!
  • Moving offices (gov’t move, not associated w/ company switch, I work on gov site) – Done, new digs are freakin amazing
  • Selling a motorcycle on CL – crazy scammers and stupid people wasting my time – sold! To a shady scary person who drove almost 2 hours to pick it up.
  • This crazy ass poison that is still all over my body and itching me to death – has been replaced w/ pieces of glass in my foot… of which only a few have been removed. The glass is on the heel, sort of like the edge of the heel, a very painful area.  
Life is better.

The little one has entered that stage of toddler-hood where she’s pretending. We have “school” while she’s taking a bath. We put her preschool friends down for a nap about a million times a day and pat them gently on their backs and whisper “shhhh shhhh shhh”.
I had an amazing weekend with a few kick-ass people. Saw some old friends and threw back a few a lot of drinks. Listened to some new bands and totally missed Incubus because I’m old and wanted to go home… all day in the sun drinking… makes for a tired woman on her first go round weekend without kids.

The way forward – Me, me and a little more me! I’m a strong woman who can carry a lot on her shoulders and in her head. Everyone and everything has limitations. I found where mine are spiritually and emotionally.

I thank GOD every day for placing me HERE, at this place I’m in today, to navigate the next chapter in my life, for staying w/ me to help me to make appropriate decisions, and for looking ahead and guiding me to the next step.

Go ME!

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  1. Just started reading your blog. I had no idea all of this was going on!! You are a tough woman and you have great daughters. Hope life is smoothing out a little now. J