Thursday, May 10, 2012

The first week or so - Trash-Lawn-Sanity-Security


Trash: I am overly excited to receive a trash tote from the garbage company. I’m looking forward to the truck pulling into my driveway and opening the sliding door and rolling out the brand new, shiny plastic tote w/ a company logo on the side. It’s sort of a homeowner badge of honor… I’ll probably look around as I pull it up the driveway to see if anyone is looking at me.

Lawn: I have a narrow acre of land that sits on Virginia Wetlands – totally do not understand what this means. One thing I am certain of? Mosquito's love wetlands. Mosquito's love us, our house, and our skin. Regardless of the bugs… I have weeds and grass.. and lots of them. Lawn mower needed.

Sanity: I think it’s intact, or will be completely soon.

Security Alarm: I think I need one. Ace, the large black lab who poops in the yard, is somewhat scary but is scared of loud noises. Sort of effective if my house is being broken into "quietly"?


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