Sunday, February 19, 2012

Boogers, Coughing, and Teeth Oh MY

My chances of winning Mother of the Year (MOTY) are the same as my chances of winning Publishers Clearing House… and I don’t even enter that anymore. Once PCH got rid of the stamp pages things and I was no longer 12 the whole concept was boring. Even though Nola Bajola has had 3 ear infections in the past 2 months and has been on a constant antibiotic drip we have finally kicked ass. At our latest follow-up after medication round she is ear infection free!! As usual, 3 days after we stop antibiotics her nose is leaking and the coughing begins. In my defense, her mattress has been permanently inclined w/ beach towels underneath for months. We have a vaporizer AND humidifier stationed at the head of her crib on the floor and one is always on. And, it didn’t work, we were leaking snot and coughing like we’re getting paid by the ounce. POOR BABY! (and me) I was thinking while I was slugging home last night…. What if the humidifier filter is bad and I've been forcing moldy dirty air in my daughters room for almost 12 hours every.single.night for months??? Even though I’ve replaced it and cleaned the machine.. it hit me.. what if I AM contributing to the snot/cough show somehow? So, to make myself feel better (take blame off me) I went to Target and bought the filter less Safety First Humidifier for babies. “Top Registry Pick”, it’s pink, it has no filter, and it has the work Safety in the name.. so just by all those, it HAS to be the best one right? Test night was last night… Keep in mind she’s been crying/coughing at random hours throughout the night for the past few nights since finishing her meds. I have no proof if last night was the result of the new cool safe humidifier or what.. but the baby said “night night” at 7pm last night. (normally at 7:30, so no big deal) and she slept until 6am (normal) AMEN! Miss Happy Baby was standing up smiling w/ minimal snot leakage… SUCCESS! And now... we have little pointy things in her mouth that are busting through her precious gums! Welcome cuspids? They feel like puppy teeth and she’s biting her cups and bottle.. Yes, yes, she has one still at night.

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