Sunday, February 19, 2012

Strange Luck is Following ME

I call it "Strange Luck" because if I say bad luck, people will assume I'm whining.. and while I AM talking about unfortunate circumstances, they are not necessarily bad.. just freakin hilarious and unfortunate. Unfortunate because they happened to me and not to someone else who i could laugh at. Let me just show you this: Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App This is a picture taken while slugging home from work, Arlington National Cemetery. No, i'm not sight-seeing people, this is my daily commute, and slugging is the ultimate mode of transportation in the National Capital Region. Google it! Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App Another view from the ride home. The normal ride from work (because a co-worker graciously let's me ride w/ him everyday so i don't have to ride the metro and then stand in the slug line for a random driver) takes on an average of 50-60 minutes one way. The following factors will add an additional 30 minutes MINIMUM on to the commute:
  • bright sun
  • dusk or after dusk.. that's called darkness, and this is the reason vehicle have headlights
  • traces of rain or snow.. and i mean nothing more than a spitter of rain or one snowflake spotting
  • a sharp turn in the road... not a new turn, i'm talking about the turns that have been there since you started driving the route
  • a slight incline
  • a slight decline
  • a traffic helicopter
  • an exit ramp... requiring a driver to merge
you get the point- so, we had snow, the first snow of the season, and it was not expected. INSERT panic, internal KLAXONs were going off inside people's heads. CHAOS ensued. Our ride home was slow but nonetheless, safe. Arrived at commuter lot to a beautiful large parking lot of cold vehicles waiting for their respective drivers to heat them up and brush snow off of them. Like everyone else i was not expecting this snow, so my little black moccasins that i wore instead of heals were NOT sufficient snow walking materials. I dismounted the car and trotted over to my truck.. with each step, snow and water seeped in between my freakin toes. Unlocked the truck, jumped in and turned the key... and SILENCE, mother fn SILENCE. not even a interior light was flickering. Even though i was in a commuter lot w/ commuters arriving non-stop and scurrying to their cars... NOT one person offered help. So i summoned well, shit, i begged for my co worker to come jump my truck. His half hybrid crap couldn't even spark the beast.. so neighbor came and saved the day. However, for the next 1 hour, this is how i hung out... Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App After he jumped the truck, i had exactly 15 minutes to pick up baby.. it was her bedtime when i picked her up at daycare. Pick up pizza 2 hours late, and NO, pizza hut did NOT cook it again even after i called them, they sat our stuff in a warmer for 2 hours. it was gross. Ride home from pizza hut, well, i fed my toddler pizza in her car seat while we sang "Wheels on the Bus". So glad that day was OVER... and I'm not sure why... Wednesday morning - Backed into the mailbox at my house. Or as i dubbed it instituted, Mailbox Repositioning Program. M bought Desitin for toddlers kick ass diaper rash.. so bad, she was walking funny. Gave her a good bath, let her run around in the nude to hopefully heal some, then got ready for diaper, jammies, and bed... only to open Desitin and find that someone put hand sanitizer in the box and re glued it. SO FUCKING MAD! it was late, 20 minutes from the store, and no medicine. Off to bed for her, wine for me. I need to get back to work for now.

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