Sunday, February 19, 2012

VD, You're going away!

VD was almost as bad as a real bonified, nasty VD.

Leading up to the big heart day, I walked in on a vase full of 2 dozen sexy roses on my desk. The shock prompted the status update below on Feb 10:

Walked into the office today to TWO dozen deep, rich RED roses sitting on the desk. STUNNED and SHOCKED I quickly read the name on the card... heart pounding, excited and confused but who cares right? i think i just got freakin flowers! .. Read the outside of the card... they're for my coworker. #hateroses and #rosesarestupid

Then I had a sick baby.. and then I was sick on Feb 12 which for people who know me, which is probably each and every one of my famous fans reading this... why? because I don't think anyone fucking reads my desperate CIO sessions and fucking posts. I mean my expressions. My thoughts and expressions.

Moving on to the big day - the day that people act like they love each other and their kids more than they did yesterday. blah...

My status updates below adequately reflect my mood (swings) and thoughts throughout the day.

It's so nice to read all the valentines day status'. May you all enjoy your chocolate, flowers, and hours at th spa. (check that off the list- and by list I mean, #1- say or do something positive for 2 people each week. And even #2- stop swearing.) #FyouCupid

Thank you Metro for the Vday gift.. the Rosslyn escalator is working! and Boo VaSquare metro stop... As you exit on the escalators there's a huge vendor selling flowers! how nice! how nicey nice! #FYoucupid

In preparation for today's deliveries.. I've cleared a spot on my desk for flowers.... I even left a note for the VCC folks who I'm SURE will be tired of walking to my office all day.. the note says "Place flowers here" w/ all sorts of hearts and smooshy gooshy stuff like that... My heart cannot wait and my smile is already implanted on ma face! #Fyoucupid #wishfullthinking

Valentines Day update: The spot i cleared on my desk... is STILL clear. I'm sure, in fact, I'm very sure the deliveries are just held up because of the building i work in. The shiny stuff really catches the attention of security. What if i go a car, like in the Christmas commercials? Oh the suspense is killer! #BigFYouCupid #MoreWishfullThinking

Well, this day was great. I hope everyone has a safe evening. Don't poke your eyes out w/ your roses, be careful for paper cuts when opening your cards, and by all means, protect yourself! In a few hours, today will be tomorrow and Valentines Day will be in the past! On to Presidents Day... do tell... what's everyone have planned? Spill it! i'm probably going all out for Pres Day! Blah!

I hope the bitches who got chocolate ended up w/ indigestion... and by now your stupid flowers should be dead or close to it, at least I'm sure they're uglier than the day you received them sucka!

Jucking Fenn

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