Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am lucky, I am fortunate, I am blessed.

About 10 days ago I wrote the letter below to my nephew. Since then, I’ve prayed for him and totally asked for forgiveness for my ill spirited words towards another human. I’m still having a very rough time accepting but maybe that’s what time is for.

As for myself and my little shrinking family…. We are going to focus on Easter! I’m throwing around the idea of taking the little one to Easter Sunday services at our church. I’ve steered clear of this for a few reasons so far. The main reason is that she’s just too young to really absorb anything from the nursery class and the second reason, germs. I think I’ll need to add the germ phobia to the list of  :Things to Improve:.

I don’t talk much about God on here… probably because I’m not sure exactly how much I want to let out (on the internet). However, I have barely any views and absolutely staying strong and consistent w/ NO comments. So I’m going to puke my feelings on here today.

I finally found a small church that feels like home. It’s full of young people like myself (mid-late 30s), military people (I’m prior military), new people and old church people... but most of all, the Pastor’s sermons are like conversations w/ a friend.  He talks to you/ not at you. He relates the messages to present day life and the trials we all go through. He lays out the meaning of the sermon and instantly you can feel the movement of brains turning and hearts filling up w/ goodness. Personally, I love it and feel like I’m at home.

Secretly, I hope they ask me to sing w/ the choir … I would say no… out of respect for others. I suck, but in church, no one is going to tell you that you sound like a cat underneath a wheel of a truck.

Moving along, w/ church; comes prayer. I will admit, since I learned how to talk up until now, I have started each and every prayer w/ “Now I lay me Down to Sleep….” Seriously, I had NO idea how to pray.  I thought there must be a different way to do this since I’m no longer a child and I don’t hear other adults using this preamble before they pray. I Googled, read my student bible and then resorted to the iPhone... because it’s my hard drive… my extra brain per say. Amen! I found a Bible app. And it teaches me how to pray... As I read specific passages relating to whatever topic I choose to read about.

It’s been such a learning process… a good one. I am lucky, fortunate and blessed! 

I am lucky,
I am fortunate,
I am blessed!


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