Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Birthday Easter Visiting Parents Weekend Round up

Birthday-Easter-Visiting Parents-Weekend Round Up!

A wonderful weekend was had by ALL.

Although I have no pictures of parents.. the kids are below.

The festivities began d w/ the expected commute from H*LL from Arlington to Stafford. I planned to depart Arlington at 2pm to join the out of town masses. Normally this would be a safe escape time during the non holiday work week.. when us locals are not being invaded by out of town trespassers who think they know how to navigate our HOV lanes. Sorry, but you cannot, and you will not be able to hang w/ us. We are apparently mean according to some national survey a few months ago about rude drivers.

Holidays no less, bring out the best of us while we're staring at your foreign license plate and your kids are peering out the windows, probably asking "are we there yet"... hopefully 1 million times and driving YOU crazy while you sit for HOURS on 495/95/270/95/ and our little not so secret Route 1.

By the time I arrived at my house my parents had arrived. Three hours playing cars w/ out of towners makes for a thirsty momma! I believe slightly cranky would apply as well.

Friday - the 14 year old had a few friends over for a bonfire... boys too...

I woke up Saturday, on my 30th (6th time I've been 30) Birthday to a wonderful display of celebration from the girls.

Saturday was a relaxing day.. did a little plant /flower shopping w/ the parents...  and Sunday was Easter Sunday at church and home for some more outside fun/relaxing/ and the girl washed momma's car! 

Great weekend! 

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