Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh Shit, Parents are Coming

This weekend... the parents are coming to visit. This will be the first visit in over a year, due to some difficult family business that I won't bore spill here because that wouldn't be nice. (it really wouldn't be nice if i said that a certain 45 year old blank blank is dating my 19 year old nephew and taking ALL his money (he gives it to her). It's a bad bad situation. I chose to voice my opinion from states away at first (when dear nephew was 17) but i quickly learned that my parents who are basically parents to my dear nephew were caught in the middle and chose to "love/care" more for dear nephew than i could swallow. I vote for tough love. or at least i vote for taking responsibility over MY part of the family and deciding how far to indulge my little crew into this confusing mess.. so having spilled that.. we have not been at the parents and they have not been here for over a year. Sad, very sad but i was NOT in a place to compromise the way they were.

Back to me... during our time apart, I bought a house and this is the first time they will see it. Needless to say, I'm a little nervous! When the parents come in, they expect to eat and considering this is my house, I assume the cooker will be ME! This assignment probably has everyone a little nervous! I'm NOT a cook, I cook to feed the family and i don't brag about it at ALL! 

Thankfully I am able to work from home this week (a few days) while the bosses are at an off-site. My to-do list contains a section for menu's.

What's a good meal for parents? I need something that will convey to them that their 36 year old daughter cooks ALL the time, and while this meal(s) is amazing and looks like it took FOREVER to prepare and cook.. I'm going to act like i threw this together at the last minute. And yes, the teenager and hubs will be given strict rehearsed lines to say while I'm cooking and serving. 

A dessert.. i need something for dessert, that always makes you look well prepared and organized!

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